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EpiVax spins out Aceno Biotherapeutics at JP Morgan/Biotech Showcase 2016

PROVIDENCE, R.I., Jan. 11, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- EpiVax, Inc. (EpiVax) today announced the company's participation in a new venture, Aceno Biotherapeutics, a BioSuperior company. Co-founder Anne S. De Groot MD will be presenting the vision for the new venture in San Francisco at the Hilton Union Square in San Francisco, at 4 PM (Davidson). Aceno (A-SEN-O) will use advanced computational tools to actively develop a portfolio of "biobetter" therapeutics, including high value, well-defined products that will be "immune-engineered" by EpiVax.

EpiVax is an immunology company. We develop and employ extensive analytical capabilities in the field of computational immunology. We are dedicated to applying our tools to predicting, and reducing, the immunogenicity of protein therapeutics and designed more effective (and safer) vaccines.

BioSuperiors, unlike biosimilars, are related to existing marketed biologics by target or action; however, by Immune Engineering© the protein sequence to reduce undesirable effects, such as an immune-mediated response that generates anti-drug-antibodies, their efficacy is improved. Immune Engineering© the originator drug also creates new IP for well-established biologic products that have defined clinical applications and high market value. Aceno's unique approach combines EpiVax' immunoinformatics design toolbox, its proprietary immune-modulating sequences (Tregitopes) and an advanced in silico molecular modeling platform to accelerate the process of optimizing Biobetters.

Anne De Groot, CEO of EpiVax, commented: "The global biologics market is large, totaling nearly $234 billion in 2014 and expected to reach $386 billion1 by the end of 2019. The Immune Engineering© approach developed at Aceno Biotherapeutics will capitalize on technological advances (computational drug design) and key discoveries (Tregitopes) to re-engineer high value biologics. This exciting new venture promises to bring superior drugs, with defined mechanisms of action and well-known safety and efficacy profiles, to market."

About EpiVax
EpiVax, Inc. is a recognized leader in the field of protein therapeutics and vaccine design. EpiVax experts have developed unique skills for editing protein sequences using proprietary immunoinformatics tools and are recognized for their ground-breaking research tolerizing epitopes known as Tregitopes. EpiVax provides access to its proprietary toolkits "ISPRI" and "iVAX" to most major pharmaceutical companies worldwide. Led by immunologist Dr. Anne S. De Groot, M.D. and Bill Martin, architect of the ISPRI and iVAX immunoinformatics platforms, EpiVax has enjoyed success in the fields of immunology and bioinformatics. For more information visit

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